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Hey, Girl: Saying Farewell to the Gosling Summer

This weekend marks the debut of Ryan Gosling’s last film of 2011, THE IDES OF MARCH. What does this mean for you, gentle Vixen reader? Well, unfortunately our daily reminders of why we love Baby Goose so much may become, well, less than daily. See, when a delicious specimen such as the Gos has a movie to promote his face adorns the front page of almost everything. Insight into his workout routine, his love life, even his grooming habits are readily available for the weeks leading up to a film’s release. We have enjoyed knowing and growing with Ryan, and it is with a heavy heart that we must begin looking to Gosling-free days.

Without argument Ryan has been the Man of Summer with his stern yet adorable face. As such, the ladies of Reel Vixen would like to honor our boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, not by saying goodbye but by saying “see you soon, Goose.” In honor of our May to October romance, you will find exactly what you’ve been looking for: an amalgamation of our favorite clips/images/and stories about that sexy Canadian who has warmed even the most Grinched heart.

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Let’s start in May with the Cannes debut of Gosling’s noir heist-gone-wrong film DRIVE, which resulted in the total mind-melts of nearly everyone in that tasteful and classy French Rivera theater. Our own Kate Erbland, Allison Loring, and Courtney Howard had the great distinction to see it shortly after during its LA premiere later that month. You can read Courtney’s Gosling interview at Very Aware

Says Courtney:

This was truely an epic summer of Gosling memories for me and one that is nicely bookended. It all started with the LA Film Festival showing of DRIVE.  Not only was Gosling in attendence at the fest and made a short appearance to intro the film, this was also the location and evening where I met fellow Vixens Kate and Allison for the first time. Needless to say, the power of Baby Goose united us all.

My summer ended with my roundtable interview with Gosling for DRIVE. I am a gigantic fan/ champion of the film. When I got the confirmation I was going to be sharing the same air in a room with my beloved Baby Goose?! Forget about it! This threw me into a tizzy. I tried on mutiple outfits in advance and emailed pics to my bestie to help pick out what worked best. We landed on a classic black & white print wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenberg.

When the day finally arrived, I was both nervous and giddy as a schoolgirl. I tried to sit next to him but wasn’t able to snag that seat fast enough – I also figured it’s best for both of us if there is a cushion of room separating us from the heat we were just destined to create. During the interview, Gosling kept saying the words “erotic” and “fetish,” which made me want to flip that table to get to him. And ladies, he was just as good looking in person as you’d imagine him to be. Tall, lean and dressed casually in a beige cashmere sweater. At one point, he stretched and his sweater crept up revealing an abtastic delight. I *may* have drooled. When I got to ask him a question (about his iconic badass scorpion jacket and custom driving gloves used in the film), I stuttered getting the words out. His steel grey blue eyes stared back at me, peering into my timid soul. I haven’t felt that way talking to a cute boy since the days of high school crushes. (Needless to say, I grimaced hearing my voice waver on playback during my transcription.) When the 15 minute interview ended, I was and still am on Cloud 9.

Then, as the summer months expelled record heat our temperature rose substantially as a reaction to Gosling in CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE. While we had yet to catch a full-blown case of Gosling fever, we (along with all breathing women and men worth knowing) got a quite hot and bothered by his “photoshopped abs.”

I mean, just look at them!

And with those lickable lower belly parts plastered on screens big and little, came the subsequent  talk show appearances and online interviews. Allison’s personal favorite came in the form of Ryan and his dog George bringing their own personal brand of adorable to Vixen favorite Jimmy Fallon.

While fellow The Today Show lover, Melanie Sayed, about lost her damn mind over Ryan’s demure embodiment of Patrick Swayze when he lifted portly Al Roker over his head in an homage to DIRTY DANCING.

I’m still dead from this inspired moment in daytime television. I’m currently writing this from Heaven where everyone wears scorpion jackets and they hand out Pountine upon arrival.

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But nothing could prepare any of us for the moment when Baby Goose proved he was a real hero by breaking up a street fight in New York. While the video was shot months before it became a viral sensation, once it landed in our laps (tehehe) there was no denying our love.

He only made our hearts pound faster with his bashful admittance that putting his nose in the fight meant “nobody wins.”

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When DRIVE finally made its debut in September, Gosling Fever was at an all time high. That other blond Canadian (looking at you Bieber!) didn’t have a chance when the older, wiser, more smoldery Ryan came to town. I mean, JUST LOOK!

Even Conan was unable to keep from revealing his crush on our boyfriend. And let’s be honest, no one blames him.

As was DRIVE director Nicolas Winding Refn during a particularly awkward (yet adorable) one on one interview with the ‘ling.

All this leads us to THE IDES OF MARCH, a film pairing two sexy men who’s combined charm was no match for the rest of the world. Robots may have won this weekend’s box office, but Gosling has won our hearts for life. I think, this time around, everyone wins.

BONUS Videos to ease the pain until 2012.

Hey, Girl Canadian

Angry Faces

Don’t worry, Ryan, The Vixens are actually pretty good at the Twitters. We’re happy to offer our assistance (pants optional)

Please share your fondest of fond Summer of Gosling memories in the comment section. We all need to feel whole again

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