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Film: Tom Hiddleston Woos Fairies in ‘The Pirate Fairy” Clip

Tom Hiddleston is back on the big screen this spring, and this time around he is one step closer to actualizing his true destiny as a Disney Prince. In “The Pirate Fairy,” Hiddleston voices Hook, the handsome captain determined to stir up trouble for our band of fairies–including Tinkerbell and her new friend the Pirate [...]

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Hiddleston-Mania: Tom Hiddleston Sheds a Tear For His Possible Last(?) Avengers Red Carpet

Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog Another day, another Tom Hiddleston video causing the whole internet to forget Ryan Gosling was once our favorite. Tom stopped by the MTV spot on the THOR: THE DARK WORLD premiere press line and Josh Horowitz’s first question out of the gate almost caused our boyfriend to buckle over [...]

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Hiddleston-Mania: Tom Hiddleston At it Again. Does Mock AT&T Commercial as Loki. World Implodes (Updated)

Tom Hiddleston, you really need to quit. Don’t you know I have a day job and a huge event coming up this weekend (hey hey, Readers & ‘ritas!). I don’t have time to spend looking at your beautiful mug, dressed as Loki, trying to sway kiddos into your corner over who is the better super [...]

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