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Before ‘Magic Mike’: 5 Movies with Men Missing Shirts

This post originally published by Film School Rejects. Spend the rest of your day reading their stories Ladies and open-minded gentlemen, this is the weekend for which we have been waiting ever so patiently. Years of watching our fellow sisters remove clothing and undulate for the good of “story” has finally paid off, and we [...]

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Kim Novak as Madeleine

The Art of the Femme Fatale: VERTIGO’s Madeleine

In recent years whenever I read the term femme fatale I always get the impression that the writer is somehow implying that she’s a man-eating bitch.  By definition a femme fatale is a mysterious and seductive woman.  In those terms who the hell doesn’t want to be a femme fatale?!  I’d love to think that [...]

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We Found Love in a Shameful Place

  (Note: this piece discusses SHAME in-depth. If you have yet to see the film and wish to remain unspoiled, there’s no shame in leaving this page… See what I did there?) Steve McQueen’s latest film, SHAME, centers on Brandon (Michael Fassbender), a handsome New Yorker and sex addict whose life only becomes more complicated [...]

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31 Days of Horror: I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

My extended family over at Film School Rejects let me run my mouth on last year’s I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE for their month-long 31Days of Horror series. After you’re done reading about rape, revenge, and rats in mouths, make sure you stop by FSR for more movie goodness Synopsis The greatest fear any woman [...]

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Camp Versus Raunch in Film, Part 2

Post originally published on Film School Rejects. We should thank those sexy boys for letting us talk about this goodness A few weeks ago I discussed the definition of raunch and touched on its evolution in film. The idea of raunch, generally considered anything vulgar or obscene, has gone from one of insult to one [...]

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The Unsexy Sequel

This article originally appeared on Film School Rejects. Go check out their site, they’re pretty much the coolest! Once again we enter the Summer of Sequels. It can be argued the sequel may have originally been meant as a companion piece to an original fan-favorite, but now studios pump them out in hopes to continue [...]

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When Sex Met Crazy

Article originally published on Film School Rejects Have you ever sat at coffee shop, minding your own business and munching on a tasty croissant, when pleasantly and unexpectedly a handsome man or beautiful lady sits down across from you? If life were a movie, one of you would drop something, reach to pick it up [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to The Art of Getting Down

Article originally published on Film School Rejects Thanks to Netflix, it has become easier to watch controversial movies at home, but it’s also harder to find the quality. Often times a movie’s description is more misleading than helpful and may lead a person to feel duped once the credits have rolled. Following the website-generated suggestions [...]

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What Makes a Mature Sex Comedy?

Article originally published on Film School Rejects I’m going to share something with you. I have a sick obsession with sex movies. I don’t mean I always watch them with salacious intentions, because I have to draw the line between art and pornography somewhere. Let me be clear, I really enjoy a movie whose sole [...]

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