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TCA ’13: I Visited ‘The Bachelor’ Mansion, And I didn’t Catch Anything (but a Rose)

It’s only polite to accept an outstretched rose when a hunky man (or pretty lady) offers one. At least that’s what my mother would say. So that was exactly what I did the moment I walked through the doors of the stunning doors of THE BACHELOR mansion last Thursday night. After a long day of [...]

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Carey from ‘Virgin Diaries’ Responds to Our Live Blog

The last two days have been a testament to the power of the internet. It started on Monday when we approved a comment from a “Carey” on our VIRGIN DIARIES live blog. You might remember all the Vixens caught a little crush on the 35-year old virgin. He charmed us, and the fact that he [...]

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This week on DANCING WITH THE STARS, it was 80’s night! Which meant it would undoubtedly be wonderful because everyone loves the 80’s. Actually I’ve never understood the obsession. Could be because, like Derek Hough, I was just a little bugger at the time. Anyway, good times were still had by all this week, myself [...]

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Welcome back to DANCING WITH THE STARS! This week everyone danced film scores, which brought out everyone’s inner character. Also the dances were dominantly Latin. The Latin dances are my favorite, especially the Paso Doble. It’s the one dance that gets me extra fired up as a faithful viewer. Let’s see if they did my [...]

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Ba-ba-da-ba, bababa. Ba-ba-da-ba-ba. We’re back for another episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS and it was good one. This week the stars dedicated their dances to their favorite year. Some chose their darkest year, some chose their hardest year, others just picked any random year (I’m looking at you, Kristin Cavallari). So lets get to [...]

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DANCING WITH THE STARS Recap: The Nip Slip We Never Wanted

It’s that time of year again, that rare time when Mondays are celebrated, DANCING WITH THE STARS is back and in full swing! This week the crowd favorites faltered, previously drippy contestants improved, and Len was crankier than usual, holding nothing back. Oh, and there was some nudity. I’ll get to that later. The show [...]

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Big Rich Texas Fails Dallas

I am an unabashed Dallas girl. I’m not one of those ladies with hair so high it reaches Jesus (in fact, I just flattened my naturally curly waves to my head today) and I’m not one to wear shiny Neiman Marcus pant suits. I don’t even own cowboys boots. But I’ve lived in this city [...]

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DANCING WITH THE STARS Season 13 – It’s The Island of Misfit Toys

… and we’re loving every minute of it. Last week, ABC revealed the cast for the upcoming season of DANCING WITH THE STARS, and, you guys, it’s a semi-star-studded journey to the island of misfit toys. Among the “stars” (as you’re hopefully already aware) battling for the coveted mirrorball are Chaz Bono, David Arquette, Kristin [...]

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