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Interview: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Adds ‘Fringe’ Star John Noble Tonight, He’s Ready For The Fans

Tonight a popular force in the FRINGE universe is coming to SLEEPY HOLLOW. Although Australian John Noble left his character Dr. Walter Bishop behind earlier this year, the actor is back on Fox television and in the exciting worlds crafted up by former FRINGE producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. This time around he’s stopping [...]

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TV: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Returns Tonight With Their Old Friends ‘The Originals’

Alright, TVD fans, tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for. I know we’ve been (rationally) concerned with the well being of our beloved Stefan (Paul Wesley), who’s been locked in a box at the bottom of a lake thanks to doppelganger Silas, and at 8pm this evening we’ll finally find out the state of [...]

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ATX Television Festival: A Glimpse into ‘The Vampire Diaries’

  On the final day of the ATX Television Festival, fans were treated to an Alamo Drafthouse screening of the recent season 3 finale of the CW hit show, The Vampire Diaries. The delight of seeing television on the big screen left fans excited and equipped with questions for the show’s creator, Julie Plec, at [...]

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Once Upon a Time: Fables, Foibles and Fatales

Welcome to the Paranormal Patrol’s weekly take on what’s bubbling in the cauldron of paranormal television. Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 23 at 8 PM / 7 PM Central on ABC. That’s the premiere time for the new ABC series ONCE UPON A TIME. I have to admit, when I made my list of [...]

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Deconstructing The Secret Circle

Welcome to the Paranormal Patrol’s weekly take on what’s bubbling in the cauldron of paranormal television. When I first heard that Kevin Williamson was taking THE SECRET CIRCLE and creating a new television series for it ala THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, I was excited.  I was more than excited.  I was thrilled.  Witches are by far [...]

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What’s Hot This Autumn?

The best part of the autumn television season is upon us: season premieres. Not only do we have great shows returning (Castle, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Fringe to name just a few) but it’s series debut time for a whole host of new television goodies.  So let’s take a little nibble and see what we [...]

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Previously On The Vampire Diaries…

Season two opened to the madness of Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev) return to Mystic Falls and closed with the dramatic fall of Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) to the power mad Klaus (Joseph Morgan).  The season’s casualties were high, including the loss of Caroline’s (Candice Accola) and Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) humanity, as the citizens of Mystic Falls [...]

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Take a Bite Out of This

Monday night, MTV’s freshman season of Teen Wolf wrapped in an incredibly jam-packed, suspense filled finale that really puts paid to a thoroughly enjoyable season. If you haven’t seen the finale, be aware, there are more than a few spoilers ahead and if you haven’t been watching Teen Wolf, slide your eyes up: yes, that [...]

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Eureka…Or Not.

Small town. Big secret. A SyFy Original Series.  Or at least it was until it became yet another casualty in SyFy’s seemingly apparent war on quality science fiction.   I started this entry as a rant, a pure emotional outpouring of outrage and disappointment, but the more I wrote, the more I remembered what Eureka was [...]

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5 Reasons Why They Need to Stake a Buffy Reboot

From the day the rumors hit the Internet that the Buffy reboot was on its way sans Joss Whedon and the rich pop culture heritage born from thirteen seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and spinoff Angel as well as the comic book based eighth season, I’ve been crying foul. 5. Vampires are all the [...]

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