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Oh you know, it’s the holidays. And what do most of us do around this time of year? We listen to a ton of Christmas music.  Whether you celebrate or not, holiday music is all around us. It’s at the mall, the office, and at your local bar or restaurant. And, it’s very easy for [...]

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This Week In Television: Music Edition

This column will look to highlight some of the music featured in the various comedies and dramas on our TV screens each week. The shows selected will differ each week depending on which happened to have music that caught my ear. Whether a particular song stood out in a scene or was catchy enough to [...]

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Checking Out The New Music for Re-Released FOOTLOOSE & THE THING

This past weekend two remakes (alright – one is supposed to be a “prequel,” but that term seems up for debate) hit theaters with FOOTLOOSE dancing back on screen and THE THING ringing in the month of horror with its shape shifting alien parasite. One of these films is known for its music (seeing as [...]

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Soundtracks to Look Forward to This Fall

It’s that time of year again – the leaves start changing, television is back and theaters go from showing summer blockbusters to featuring more dramatic award contenders. From dramas set in the world of American politics to those set in the supernatural world of vampires and werewolves, a bunch of kids who just want to [...]

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With THE LION KING getting re-released into theaters on September 16th (this time in 3D) it got me thinking about the first time Simba and his pals hit the big screen. I (admittedly) went to see THE LION KING purely because Jonathan Taylor Thomas voiced Simba and in 1994, JTT was the crush among gals my [...]

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