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TV: 2013 TV Moments I Can’t Stop Thinking About

This was an incredibly rewarding year in TV. It was also one of those years that broke me down so much. I made a bunch of new friends, found camaraderie in places I never expected, and also lost more than my fair share of people who’ve been there for me for nearly a decade. 2013 [...]

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Melanie’s Top 10 Television Shows of 2013: In with the New

10.) PARKS AND RECREATION, NBC PARKS AND REC is the sweet show you can rely on to bring the laughs and the warm fuzzies. I still say is has the most delightful cast of characters on television. Everyone in the core group is likable, which is why it’s impossible not to root for this show, [...]

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Movies: Tess’s Independent Masterpieces of 2012

1. LES BIEN AMIES (BELOVED) My favorite film of 2012 was an easy choice. I would probably have told you this was my favorite before the year began, since I’ve been waiting for it for ages, and it is by my favorite director Christophe Honore. It’s a French musical, which sounds whimsical, but this film [...]

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TV: Tess’s Must Haves of 2012

2012 over already?! How did this happen! And shows on hiatus again? That doesn’t seem fair, I was JUST celebrating their Fall return, and congratulating myself for not dying over a rerun-only summer. But here we are, with amazing shows on every channel, and as we begin to say goodbye to the greatest comedy of [...]

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TV: Melanie’s 2012 Reflections

The Best 10. HOMELAND This show should be much higher on my list, after a knock out first season that earned many awards and caused me much anxiety. The current season , however, has turned it from one of my most recommended shows to one of my most polarizing shows. But even though lately this [...]

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Best of 2011: Britt Hayes’ Top Films

Putting together a top ten list wasn’t easy. There are so many films I want to include but can’t, and yet I’ll still give the few that didn’t quite make the cut honorable mention at the bottom of this page. 2011 has been a fantastic year for film, and while I look at this list [...]

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Best of 2011: Courtney Howard’s 10 Most Underrated Films

It’s that time of the year again! Time to take stock of what Hollywood has given us all year and celebrate the films we think were a rousing success. So far you’ve been treated to Kate, Allison, and Tess’ best movies of 2011 lists and hopefully you read my five worst films of 2011 list [...]

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Best of 2011: Tess Drahman’s 5 Magical Movies

1. BRIDESMAIDS               What can be said that hasn’t been said before? This is a great comedy film. It’s not a great WOMAN comedy film, it’s great because the people in it are great. It might not be the most hilarious movie ever made, and it certainly has it [...]

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Best of 2011: Hannah Angst’s Necessary TV Shows

  10) FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS While the exemplary acting and writing are what makes this show great- maybe one of the best, it’s the characters that made the last season such a joy. Through five seasons we loved the Taylors and the people that populate their lives and seeing them go in such a beautiful [...]

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Best of 2011: Allison Loring’s Top Films

Now that I have looked over the music in the films of 2011, it is time to turn attention to the films themselves. And yes, these lists are different since movies can certainly have fantastic music (the TWILIGHT franchise proves this year after year) while the films themselves are not always the best (I’ll never [...]

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