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Movies: Tess’s Independent Masterpieces of 2012

1. LES BIEN AMIES (BELOVED) My favorite film of 2012 was an easy choice. I would probably have told you this was my favorite before the year began, since I’ve been waiting for it for ages, and it is by my favorite director Christophe Honore. It’s a French musical, which sounds whimsical, but this film [...]

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TV: Tess’s Must Haves of 2012

2012 over already?! How did this happen! And shows on hiatus again? That doesn’t seem fair, I was JUST celebrating their Fall return, and congratulating myself for not dying over a rerun-only summer. But here we are, with amazing shows on every channel, and as we begin to say goodbye to the greatest comedy of [...]

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TV: Melanie’s 2012 Reflections

The Best 10. HOMELAND This show should be much higher on my list, after a knock out first season that earned many awards and caused me much anxiety. The current season , however, has turned it from one of my most recommended shows to one of my most polarizing shows. But even though lately this [...]

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