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Hiddleston-Mania: Tom Hiddleston Sheds a Tear For His Possible Last(?) Avengers Red Carpet

Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog Another day, another Tom Hiddleston video causing the whole internet to forget Ryan Gosling was once our favorite. Tom stopped by the MTV spot on the THOR: THE DARK WORLD premiere press line and Josh Horowitz’s first question out of the gate almost caused our boyfriend to buckle over [...]

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Hiddleston-Mania: Tom Hiddleston At it Again. Does Mock AT&T Commercial as Loki. World Implodes (Updated)

Tom Hiddleston, you really need to quit. Don’t you know I have a day job and a huge event coming up this weekend (hey hey, Readers & ‘ritas!). I don’t have time to spend looking at your beautiful mug, dressed as Loki, trying to sway kiddos into your corner over who is the better super [...]

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Hiddleston-mania: Again, Tom is Dancing. Again, I’m Crumpled in a Swooning Position Under My Desk

Tom Hiddleston is at it again. A week cannot go by where that man doesn’t try to capture our hearts with his swoon-worthiness. He’s on the talk show circuit in Europe, probably talking mostly about how he dreams of meeting and marrying one Gwen Reyes in the near future. (hahaha, fantasies!) But, I guess he’s [...]

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Daily Dose: Charming ‘Ylvis’ Comes Off Even More Charming When Demanding Bigger Glasses on Blooper From ‘The Today Show’

Like most Americans, our newest obsession has been the Norwegian comedy group YLVIS, whose viral video THE FOX has taken over our TV screens and lives since last month. The pair of brothers Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker stopped by New York last week (they previously traveled to Los Angeles in September to chat with Ellen [...]

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Daily Dose of Delicious: Ryan Gosling in Drunk History, Christmas Style

It has been quite the year, my fellow Vixens. It has been a year that gave us a slightly sociopathic stunt/getaway driver, an abtastic lothario with a penchant for DIRTY DANCING and a fast-talking political campaign manager – all played by Ryan Gosling. With three movies that rolled out from July to October and all [...]

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Vixen Viral Video of the Week: Watch Michael Fassbender Sing A Medley

We here at ReelVixen are extremely excited for SHAME’s debut on December 2. To celebrate the stunning, stirring, and stellar film’s release, we found a montage of clips showcasing SHAME’s handsome lead actor Michael Fassbender singing a medley of tunes. We think this will be the next big thing in the blogosphere and at fertility [...]

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Ladies, Begin The Leg Crossing. New Shame Trailer

It really doesn’t get more delicious than this new Red Band trailer for Steve McQueen’s second film SHAME (Out Friday). Michael Fassbender (Brandon) sits on a train staring at fellow passenger who is just writhing under his salacious gaze while flashes of his sexy going-ons flash before us. It’s straight up erotica. And…you’re welcome.

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Hold The Goslings! Bradley Cooper is Sexiest

UPDATE: The accurate folks over at Buzzfeed have also put together their own pictorial argument as to PEOPLE’s misguided anointment of Cooper. Thanks to Mikela for her dedication to the Baby Goose revolution. As of this morning America has a new sexiest man. Now, if you asked any of the Vixens here, we might argue [...]

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Movies We Need to See: ‘SHAME’ looks dirty…in a good way

Steve McQueen’s new film SHAME follows the smutty decent of a sexual addict, played by Michael Fassbender, who thought his money could buy other people’s silence. I have to be honest with you, while I talk a big game about loving some Ryan Gosling, my heart always belongs to Michael Fassbender and his red beard. [...]

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Hey, Girl: Saying Farewell to the Gosling Summer

This weekend marks the debut of Ryan Gosling’s last film of 2011, THE IDES OF MARCH. What does this mean for you, gentle Vixen reader? Well, unfortunately our daily reminders of why we love Baby Goose so much may become, well, less than daily. See, when a delicious specimen such as the Gos has a [...]

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