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Film: Tom Hiddleston Woos Fairies in ‘The Pirate Fairy” Clip

Tom Hiddleston is back on the big screen this spring, and this time around he is one step closer to actualizing his true destiny as a Disney Prince. In “The Pirate Fairy,” Hiddleston voices Hook, the handsome captain determined to stir up trouble for our band of fairies–including Tinkerbell and her new friend the Pirate [...]

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This Infograph Holds the Secrets to Your Film Industry Career

Curious where you would fit in the grand plan of the film industry? Trying to break into the glamorous world of your favorite celebrities? Or just want to get that darn movie made? The fine peeps at Fast CoCreate have the perfect infograph that will help pin-point exactly where you belong. It’s funny because I [...]

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TV: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sesame Street Video Out-Cutes Tom Hiddleston’s Sesame Street Video. Counting Sherlocks

I’m loathe to say this, considering just how much I love Tom Hiddleston, but his adorable Sesame Street video with Cookie Monster from last summer’s PBS press tour is no competition for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Murray and The Count Von Count mystery. This time, Cumberpatch partners with the muppety duo to count snack foods (no apples [...]

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TV: ‘Looking’ Star Jonathan Groff Says Gay Characters Are ‘Relatable’

Tonight HBO adds a new thirty-minute series to their Sunday lineup. “Looking” partners with “Girls” as a comedy following three men on their search for love, but unlike its night partner, “Looking” features characters who are slightly older and less determined to make all the wrong decisions at all the wrong moments. What is being [...]

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TV: ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Books First Guest Will Smith and U2

New “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon announced today the name of his first guest and musical guest for his Monday, February 17th premiere. Will Smith will walk from the velvet curtain and take the seat across from Fallon and the host could not be happier. “He’s a big Hollywood star,” said Fallon on kicking off [...]

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TV: ‘Trophy Wife’ Wedding Bringing Muppets and Special Guests Megan Mullally and Florence Henderson

Last night at the ABC Network cocktail party I had a chance to chat with “Trophy Wife” Co-Creators and Executive Producers Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern who were both very open about some exciting moments coming up on the freshman comedy series. The Malin Ackerman (Kate) and Bradley Whitford (Pete) sitcom has always been about [...]

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TV: Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Manny Coto Give Scoop on ’24: Live Another Day’

During the Fox Network portion of the Television Critics Association press tour the network kicked off the day with the highly anticipated return of America’s favorite prickly pear. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is back for another day’s adventures, but this time in a tighter, more cable-like version spanning a sleek twelve episodes. Dubbed “24: Live [...]

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Interview: Jason Momoa Wants to Be America’s Favorite Misunderstood Tough Guy in ‘The Red Road.’ Talks Love for Emilia Clarke

Jason Momoa (“Game of Thrones”) stars opposite Martin Henderson (“The Ring”) this February in Sundance Channel’s second original series “The Red Road.” The actor best know for his gruff, intimating on-screen presence once again plays a brutish man, but this time he is tapping into the fragility of human nature as Philip Kopus a recently [...]

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TV: 2013 TV Moments I Can’t Stop Thinking About

This was an incredibly rewarding year in TV. It was also one of those years that broke me down so much. I made a bunch of new friends, found camaraderie in places I never expected, and also lost more than my fair share of people who’ve been there for me for nearly a decade. 2013 [...]

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Melanie’s Top 10 Television Shows of 2013: In with the New

10.) PARKS AND RECREATION, NBC PARKS AND REC is the sweet show you can rely on to bring the laughs and the warm fuzzies. I still say is has the most delightful cast of characters on television. Everyone in the core group is likable, which is why it’s impossible not to root for this show, [...]

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