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Buy the Book: Movies That Inspire Reading

Glamour, excitement, red carpets popping up EVERY WHERE! It’s the annual biggest party for movies and every one is talking about film! So why not change the subject just a bit and talk about some of the books that either inspired the films or are reading to continue to keep you in the mood? We’ve [...]

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Twilight fanfic Scores again…BEAUTIFUL BASTARD out in time for Valentine’s Day

Seriously, TWILIGHT is the only canon out there which provides fodder for fanfic? What HAVE I been missing? Here is news about the latest fanfic reworked into erotic fiction. THE OFFICE, no, not the office on television in its last season, but what looks like an erotic twist on a Harlequin Presents: young intern / [...]

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Your Love of Pot and Spanking is a-Okay With Us

Mamakind, the author of this fun little book, is a columnist for SKUNK magazine. She’s put together a collection in SEX POT: THE MARIJUANA LOVER’S GUIDE TO GETTIN’ IT ON that takes you by the hand and leads you down a path of smoking pot like a connoisseur and mixing it with some of the [...]

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